Arctoa: a Journal of Bryology

Published by KMK Scientific Press Ltd., Moscow

Published since 1992, once or twice annually.

Editor in Chief: M.S. Ignatov (Moscow, Main Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences)

Editorial Board: O.M. Afonina (St.-Peterburg, Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences), N.A. Konstantinova (Murmansk Province, Kirovsk-6, Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden, Russian Academy of Sciences), R.E. Magill (St.-Louis, Missouri Botanical Garden), B.C. Tan (Cambridge, Massachusetts, Farlow Herbarium, Harvard University).

Contains materials of original researches in bryology, especially concerning the territory of the former USSR. The articles are published mostly in English with extended Russian summaries.

Volume 1 (1992) Volume 5 (1996)
Volume 2 (1993) Volume 6 (1997)
Volume 3 (1994) Volume 7 (1998)
Volume 4 (1995) Volume 8 (1999)

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