Manual for the Plants of the World

The first release! (2021-06-08)
This release help to learn and identify frequent plant families


  • Frequently asked questions:
    I found the name of the family, what is next?
    Next step is to know genus and species names. You can find them in many ways (I call it "bridges"). At the moment, the easiest bridge is just the search for images: google family name together with name of the region, something like "Portulacaceae South Africa" and then look on photographs. There is also one example bridge, to the species of plantains (Plantago), see above. More bridges will be available soon.
    I tried but did not find the name of family, what to do?
    Two possibilities: either your plant belongs to the family which is not listed, or my keys are not powerful enough to help you. Please look carefully on your plant and possibly also double check botanical terminology related with the plant (use "schemes"), then try again. If it does not work, please wait for the next release of the Manual, there will be more alternatives and more easy ways. And of course, meanwhile you are free to use any other services which might help you.